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Since caregiving is an intrinsic part of our culture as Fijians, providing care and nursing services come naturally to us. We are proud to provide support to families and other elders living with chronic health conditions as they adapt to their loved ones' changing health circumstances. For a better insight into who we are as Fijians, read through our reviews.

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Teri Goldy
Teri Goldy
Divine Figians Home Care has been a godsend for our family in providing 24X7 home care for my mother who has advanced alzheimers, and unable to do anything for herself. I cannot recommend them more highly.
Todd S
Todd S
Great caregiver! Highly recommend!
Ann Arabian
Ann Arabian
Magical, caring, loving caretakers. Truly a fantastic experience for our 94 year old father. Being reserved and private, we were worried that he wouldn't like the idea of having someone in his home. But his caretaker won him over and he became a huge fan of her's! Can't say enough wonderful things about Divine Fijians Home Care. Truly the best.
sanaila seru
sanaila seru
Unfortunately, the link would not open any survey. My review would be - Excellent. Divine Fijian Home Care staff were compassionate, polite, prompt and kind. You all helped me and Robert get through the roughest time of our lives. God Bless you, Diane sunnylap50@gmail.com
Bonnie Jones
Bonnie Jones
My brothers and I were in need of temporary care for my 90 year old mother and was extremely impressed with the immediate response and questions asked before setting up the assignment. We immediately felt at ease that this company would provide superior care, as they recognized they are in business of caring for loved ones. I interviewed several candidates before hiring Devine Fijians Home Care and was so pleased with their service. We were so pleased we are now considering a more permanent assignment in part time care for our mother. We highly recommend them for their excellent care and services Bonnie jones

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